Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Finish - Little House Needleworks

This is my version of Little House Needleworks - The Traveling Stitcher. While I loved their version I can't afford nor could I find their purse/folder to put my needlework on and since I decided to make it myself I decided to change it to blue. I am pretty satisfied with it - it's certainly not perfect but it's for me!
The second picture shows the fabric and it's true color...I don't know why my pictures get so dark - they were taken at the same time and one is light and one is dark???? I used 32 ct confederate grey linen and Vikki Clayton silk fibers.

I get to see my daughter and her family late tomorrow night and over the weekend. My youngest daughter won a trip to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas and she is taking my oldest daughter with her! BUT my granddaughter is staying here for the weekend!


  1. Really cute finish! I like your blue folder that you made. I bought the pattern but hedged on paying $38.00 for the folder. I think yours is much prettier in blue!

  2. What a great finish!! Love the colours. I totally agree about reading others Blogs - I often see things I didn't know about and then have to acquire for my ever growing stash pile. Have a great weekend!!


  3. Hi Carol! I just discovered your blog. I'll kkep an eye on it so I won't miss any beautiful stitching of yours.
    HAve a great day!